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As the inclusive classroom becomes the placement of choice for many students with disabilities, the implementation of a student's individualized education plan (IEP) is no longer the sole responsibility of a special education teacher. Together the general education teacher and the special education teacher work to ensure each student's progress toward meeting carefully crafted goals.

Success with IEPs provides teachers with practical, research-based advice and solutions to five of the most common challenges posed by IEPs:

  • Understanding the full scope of the teacher's role
  • Doing the critical prep work for IEP meetings
  • Offering modifications and accommodations
  • Contributing to the IEP team
  • Monitoring student progress

Author and educator Vicki Caruana explores principles that debunk some common misconceptions about how to work with students with disabilities. She offers insights, tips, and strategies that will help teachers fine-tune their practice to better meet each child's unique needs. For teachers uncertain of their ability to meet the needs of students with IEPs, this manageable guide is a great place to start.

"The scope of your role in the IEP process is both deep and wide. It is more than checking a box; it's about changing a life." Success with IEPs is filled with powerful quotes like the one just mentioned. Caruana takes you through each important part of the IEP process which includes explaining your role in the IEP process, the IEP meeting, modifications and accommodations, teamwork and collaboration, and student progress. Caruana manages to cover all of these important categories, while still keeping the reading short and enjoyable (only 55 pages). This book is perfect for any busy teacher looking to gain knowledge and improve the learning of their students with IEPs. The book is small and concise which allows you to take it anywhere and always have it on hand for quick reference. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and look forward to implementing the advice to improve the lives of my struggling students. I highly recommend this book to any teacher!”

- Robin Boulerice

“Vicki Caruana takes a deep dive into the messy field of IEP’s. In the first chapter, she engages readers by asking them what their “beliefs and biases” are. Caruana tackles each worry, that a student/parent/educator/administrator, might have when encountering IEP’s. Not only does Vicki provide strategies of her own throughout the book, but she provides multiple online sources. In the beginning of chapter four, titled "Embrace Teamwork,” Vicki states: “We are a crucial member of the orchestra and as such need to know both how to play our parts well and how our parts play into the whole concerto” (2017). I would recommend this book to any educator, student, or administrator who has ever felt like they didn’t know what to do or what was going on with IEP’s. Also, to parents, who’s child has an IEP. This book may fill you in on the behind-the-scenes work entailed with school officials.”

- Amazon Customer