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“In this timely book, Dr. Caruana provides teachers with practical strategies for developing our most proficient readers. Concrete, real-life examples with guidance are provided to create meaningful opportunities for continued cognitive development in reading, ensuring equity in every classroom.”

—Erika Kersey, national board certified teacher, gifted specialist, and parent of gifted readers

“Teachers looking for specific advice on who the gifted reader is, what differentiates the gifted reader from other students in their classes, and how to respond to those readers will find Literacy Strategies for Gifted and Accelerated Readers a welcome and useful resource. Caruana provides strong and vivid examples of students who are gifted readers and offers her synthesis of the field backed by the very useful commentary of such experts as Dr. Sally Reis and Dr. Bob Seney. Each chapter offers useful suggestions for modifying reading curriculum and instruction and valuable probes to stimulate further reflection on responding to gifted readers.”

—Carolyn Callahan, commonwealth professor, University of Virginia; editor,Fundamentals of Gifted Education

“Rarely is attention given to students who are already advanced in literacy and have mastered the foundational skills in reading fluency, comprehension, and meaningful understanding. Literacy Strategies for Gifted and Accelerated Readers includes specifically designed strategies, supported by research and relevant experts, on developing literacy learning outcomes and employing differentiated pedagogical approaches for gifted and accelerated readers in order to foster their intellectual, social-emotional experiences and demonstrate student growth.”

—Elissa F. Brown, director, Hunter College - CUNY Center for Gifted Education

“In a world filled with books promoting ‘learning to read’ strategies, Vicki Caruana writes the ultimate guide for teachers of gifted students who are ‘reading to learn.’ From the engaging classroom scenarios at the start of each chapter to the useful teaching strategies and in-depth expertise of notable guest authors, this is a must-have book for any teacher of gifted readers!”

—Nancy Heilbronner, author, 10 Things Not to Say to Your Gifted Child