The 12 Days of Literacy Strategies: Day 4 How to Differentiate

What we know about gifted readers may not be based in fact. It may instead be based on myths about gifted learners in general. We need to separate out the fact from the fiction about gifted readers before we can learn how to differentiate our reading instruction for them.

Day 4 Free Tool for Teachers: Think-Tac-Toe for Novels

Use advanced supplementary materials that foster the read-to-learn mindset of gifted readers. One approach to this type of differentiation is to use a Think-Tac-Toe choice chart. Based on the work of the Multiple Menu Model (Renzulli, Leppien, & Hays, 2000), the Think-Tac-Toe choice chart provides gifted readers with ways to engage with text on a variety of levels through a variety of ways and to be able to share what they’ve learned in a variety of expressions.

Grab the free Think-Tac-Toe for a novel below. Provide students with these directions: Select and complete one activity from each horizontal row to help you and others think about your novel. Remember to make your work thoughtful, original, rich with detail, and accurate.

Find out more about differentiating reading instruction for gifted readers in ‘Literacy Strategies for Gifted and Accelerated Readers’ 

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