Teachers: Ready to Recharge?

No one will argue that teachers need the break in the summer – at least I hope no one will argue about that. This is the time to focus on yourself for maybe the first time in a year. Yes, you may have a spouse or family at home to focus on as well, but if I had to assign a warning label to the teacher in summer, it would say “Warning: Operating below 100% is detrimental to this unit.”

You’re not the Energizer Bunny who keeps going and going and going. . . until you don’t.

You’re more like a rechargeable battery that once it falls below optimum levels is returned to the charging station – it’s source of power – to be ready to teach another day.

Everyone has a different power source. The trick is to plug yourself into the power source from which you’re most compatible and know will recharge you.

Here are 5 ways to recharge before getting back to the action in August or September:

  1. Close your eyes and bring to mind that which makes you the most happy – and do that!
  2. Identify a place where you feel most refreshed – and go there!
  3. Practice acts of gratitude – and remember those!
  4. Practice acts of mercy – and be kind to yourself!
  5. Be mindful of those around you – and love them!

Okay, so I didn’t give you a list of summer conferences to go to, summer reading to engage in, or spa retreats you can’t afford and then will feel bad about not being able to go to. I don’t know what your particular power source is, so it would be ill-advised for me to suggest any particular activity or place for you to recharge. You are a teacher, but you are a person first. Take care of that person, so that when August or September comes, you are fully charged to take care of those children thrust into your care.

What is your power source?

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