Summer Solace

Summer comes with some pretty high expectations. Kids believe they will have unlimited time to see their friends, sleep in, play their “games,” eat what they want when they want, and basically not have to do anything they don’t want to. Parents believe they will be free from the daily carpool, have more time to see their friends, play their “games,” eat what they want when they want, and basically not have to be somewhere if they don’t want to.

With great expectation often comes great disappointment.

Parents – if your children are under driving age, you are still their ride this summer.

Kids – if you don’t do the inviting, you may not see those friends you wanted to see.

Parents – if you want to sleep in, you either have to quit your job or make sure your kids sleep in too.

Kids – if you want to eat what you want, you better learn to cook.

Parents – if you want to do something “fun,” you may have to take your kids with you or pay that sitter.

Summer, the break from school, is approximately 10 weeks long. In this economy many families cannot travel or pay for camps or lessons or extra activities. For many, home is where it’s at. You realize how long 10 weeks can be without structure usually around week 3. Boredom becomes your foe.

We are all so accustomed to a highly structured life. We are accustomed to being “entertained.” We don’t know how to be still, nor do we know how to be “quiet.” In fact, many of us flee the peace that’s been extended to us over the summer and desperately seek ways to fill up the silences.

Get over it!

We are halfway through our summer here and I just realized that I’ve finally relaxed. My shoulders are no longer bunched up. My migraines have subsided. I no longer get cramps in my toes. I dream when I sleep. It snuck up on me, this peace. I left myself open to it and it wandered into my life. How fabulous is that?

So summer isn’t what you thought it would be. So what? Sometimes rest comes when you expect it the least and need it the most. Hold onto it because school starts soon enough!

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